Turnkey Rollout Management and PM Services

Turnkey Rollout Management and PM Services

Turnkey Rollout Management and PM Services

                Mobicon Networks is a reliable, energetic, progressive and referenced project management company that have the experience, skill, focus, vision, world-wide professionals and to ensure your projects are not only completed safely, on time and within budget but fully achieve their intended purpose.

To meet the Project objectives and deliver the expected results, Project Management is accomplished through the application and integration of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities. It does not only involve scheduling and getting the work done, but also includes identifying requirements; establishing objectives; balancing quality, scope, time and cost.

Rollout Management is one of the area Mobicon Networks very deeply experienced, works with professionals and has knowledge. Customer Satisfaction is our main rule which coming in first place during every kind of aspect of the project.  With the help of know-how of multi-vendor projects all over the world with different customers in many different conditions, Mobicon Networks serving high-quality Rollout Management and Project Management. Main topics for Rollout and Project Managements Services are;




    Upon award of contract Mobicon Networks’ s professional top management team accomplish the period. Following processes includes to this step;

Evaluating scope, cost and time assigned to project by customer.

Determining the needed management resources to meet all project objectives creates the structure.

Defining 3rd party resource requirement, finalizing the qualifications.

Freezing model site types as well as decision on infrastructure to be used in project

Creating work flow chart for all processes, work break down, synchronizing special Mobicon Networks Project Management with the project based on project conditions.

Finalizing the documentation matrix and all related responsibilities and reporting tools.

Scheduling regular meetings with customer internal and 3rd parties.

Clarification of supply chain with led delivery times

Creation and approval of Project Master Plan

Identifying of Project risks and determining further actions to be taken



    In this stage we execute the processes which we planned initially in order to get project objectives and deliver the project. This process includes the performance of works on field including NWP, SAQ and Implementation works as well as acceptance works. Mobicon Networks world-wide professional managers manage this process making sure project giving allexpectations within time-line with quality assurance. Monitoring and controlling is a process which Mobicon Networks performs in all project aspects using its rollout management tools and special methods which is a result of many years know-how.