Turnkey Rollout Services

Turnkey Rollout Services


Turnkey Rollout Services

                Mobicon Networks has world-class experience and references for delivering Turnkey Rollout Services starting from SAR preparation till Site Acceptance&Handover.

                We design, engineer, install, test & commission and manage all the activities for turnkey execution of converged telecommunication systems projects. Our design and implementation capability ranges from simple point to point network to complex converged telecommunication network designed to meet specific customer needs. Highlights of our roll-out services are as indicated below;


Detailed Design Engineering

    Designing is first and most critical part which plans all parameters on site. Mobicon Networks Professional Design Teams conducts the survey and makes sure that sites implementation and quality is ensured. After successful survey which secures all technical and financial requirements, design team generates survey report for customer approval. Survey report includes appropriate information for purchasing, product and service provision, Product acceptance criteria & Characteristics of the products as well as network engineering such as link analysis calculation and study, system availability calculations, power consumption calculations, detailed bay face and site layout drawings etc.


Supply Chain Management

    Upon approval of Survey Report Mobicon Networks’ s supply chain management team procures and obtains deliveries of all the equipment and accessories from multiple suppliers and partners. The supply chain management activity requires highly specialized skills and knowledge about global procurement process and procedures and the same is deeply embedded into the team at Mobicon Networks.


Civil Work Implementation

     Mobicon Networks engineers and installation teams have deep experience in preparation and implementation of concrete and metal works in various site conditions. Result oriented hard working teams are very well trained, ready to mobilize any time to finish all kind of regular or complex civil work with assigned led time.


System Installation&Commissioning

    Mobicon Networks’ s dedicated team of engineers and technicians have substantial experience in Installation and Commissioning of converged telecom networks in varied environmental and site conditions. E.g. Mt. Everest National Park Special Project 2G/3G Project including World’s highest 3G site in Nepal.


Site Quality Control Test and Site Acceptance

    Once the entire system is deployed at site and commissioned, systems site acceptance testing is conducted in presence of the customer and end to end system operation is verified in conjunction with the specifications.


As Built Documentation and Handover

    The final and most important stage of roll-out services is generation and submission of systems as-built documentation. All drawings and documents as submitted during the detailed design phase are updated to reflect as-built situation and submitted to the customer as part of the handover process.