Network Optimization Services

Network Optimization Services

Network Optimization Services


Radio Network 2G & 3G Optimization Activities

Based on the Drive test Log Files

Based on the OMC KPI and statistics


Drive Test Procedure
     Drive test is the procedure of measuring the
network measurements (both Voice and Data) in
downlink direction.
With the result of drive test, actual network
performance (visible) can be realized.

    From the OMC, cell level and BSC level performance
(statistics and KPI) can be observed for the
networks. Also the existing network configuration
(network parameter) can be provide from OMC.
Statistics can be observed and downloadable for
hourly (or fraction of hour),busy hour,daily or
weekly basis.

The main OMC KPI

Call setup Success Rate

TCH Drop Rate

SDCCH Drop Rate

Handover Success Rate

TCH Blocking rate

SDCCH Blocking rate

TCH traffic carried


OMC KPI and Statistics
    From the BSC Dump, parameters, neighbor relations etc were checking to confirm whether they were same according to the previous network of Vendor and whether there was any mismatch in frequency (BCCH/BSIC) or any missing neighbors which may happen during the swap implementationFrom the OMC, worst cell list preparing and informing for daily basis for the swap regions to monitor their performances.    Mainly the concerned KPI was Call Setup Success rate, SD Drop Rate, TCH Assignment Success Rate, Drop call rate, TCH and SD congestion, TCH and SD Blocking rate, HO success rate. For the congested cells, TRX addition suggestion to increase
the capacity and to remove congestion. 


Recommendations From the Drive Test Logs are Targeting

Poor Coverage

Azimuth/Tilt change

Hardware check


Poor Quality

Overshooting check, down tilting

Interference, Frequency re-tune proposal

Hardware check

Missing Neighbour



Dropped Call, Call Setup Failure,

Handover Failure analysis

Cluster Acceptance report preparation

and Approval by Network Operator.


3G Radio Network Optimization
     Drive test log files analyzing for defined clusters and overshooting sites determining accordingly down tilting recommendation and implementations to meet the drive test target
3G Radio Network Drive test activities both for checking voice, data (R99,HSDPA) and scanning for defined cluster and Final cluster acceptance report preparation. 


Radio Network Optimization services may consist of Swap Project

Network Extension Project

Radio Network Optimization for

Existing Sites

Competitor Benchmarking and

Model Tuning


SWAP Project Procedure
Drive Test Activity

Defined number of clusters for swapped sites

Drive test route definition

Drive test (both for Voice and Data) before starting the swap

for all of the accessible road provided from operator

Drive test report (Pre-Swap) provided to Network Operator

During the swap ,Drive test at night to ensure the swapped sites

are working properly (taking calls, making handovers etc)

After all the swapped completion for defined clusters , drive

test team performing again the drive test for all the routes


Radio Network Optimization activities of after the swap

Drive Test

Drive test logs (post-swap) analyses and recommendations

(to improve coverage and quality, to minimize interference and

overshooting) suggestion and implementation performing to

improve the quality and coverage of the swap region to meet

the KPI target

Comparison report (before Swap and After swap) preparation

for the Cluster acceptance



Commisioning (Antenna Tilt, Azimuth check and Feeder check) of the new sites.

After the site on-air, site is monitoring whether it is smoothly taking traffic or not. Alarms are monitoring from the OMCR for the new sites, and if there is any critical or major alarm, we are informing it to the TI

team and BSC team to resolve and to ensure the site work smoothly. If the site takes traffic smoothly, integration of neighbors (changing the tilt of the neighbors to adjust the coverage) implementation.

After the integration of the neighbor completion, single site verification (SSV) report preparation. SSV report submitting with recommendations (TRx addition,

Frequency modification etc) if there is any. Drive test log files analyzing and recommendation and implementations to meet the drive test target KPI.