Network Planning Services

Network Planning Services

Network Planning Services

Nominal Planning of Transmission Access Network

Mobicon Networks Transmission Teams offers full solutions to Core and Access Network’s all planning and optimization needs.


Our consulting services include;

Radio link capacity planning

Link budget calculations

Equipment based planning

Frequency planning and interference analysis

Detailed planning (E1 connectivity and cross connections planning)

Transmission field surveying and LOS checks.


     Since technology is evolving continuously in parallel with growing networks, Mobicon Networks offers; Transmission Optimization of a Grown Network.
     Reforming of the transmission network in order to increase the efficiency and capacity utilization.Recommending network upgrade of fibre and radio based transmission systems in SDH environment to support expansion programs, rollout requirements and new IP/Cellular services. Comparing and analysing planned network parameters with real life statistics, revise topology and equipment based planning.Analysing required frequency bandwidth and point frequencies ,apply for new according to network needs and interference analysis.


Nominal Planning of Transmission Access Network.

 If you are surrounded by mountains and there is no LOS(Line Of Sight; Countries like Nepal) Mobicon Networks introduces:


Repeater Solutions

Vsat Scenarios with different configurations (IPovE1 & PureIP)

Vsat Optimization and Vsat Revoking with upcoming phase of existing Rollout.


RF Planning ;

HW Tests

Propagation Model Tunning

Existing Networks Evaluation

RF Nominal Planning

RF Detail Planning


Transmission Planning ;

Transmission Detailed Planning

Transmission Nominal Plan

BSC Homing Plans

Capacity Planning


RF & Transmission Surveys ;

RF Surveys For New Sites

RF Surveys For Co-located Sites

Transmission Surveys For Access Sites

Transmission Surveys For Backbone Site


Site Audits ;

Site Audit

Call Tests

Basic Drive Tests

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SC Functioning Tests ;

Site Audit

Call Tests

Detailed Drive Tests

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NTW KPI Optimization ;

Network KPI Monitoring

Network KPI Analysis

Network KPI Optimization

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